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logo_tracetronicInnovative solutions, services and software products designed for the demanding and exacting qualitative development and validation of complex systems, is the core business of TraceTronic. The future-oriented enterprise works for the international automotive industry and its components suppliers, who trust in the extensive know-how, technological competence and high quality standards.

With their interdisciplinary teams of engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists TraceTronic can support their customers throughout the entire hardware and software development process. This includes requirement analysis, system analysis as well as implementation and execution of the tests, using state of the art technologies and methods.


Due to the increasing complexity in nearly all fields of automated tests, it is necessary to continually evaluate new and extensive issues. EXAM offers a series of functions for signal and value analysis. For complex methods of evaluation, EXAM was interfaced with the trace analyse tool TRACE-CHECK from TraceTronic. This logic- and python-based framework offers a basic solution, which is part of EXAM since version 3.0. Extended functions for trace analysis in EXAM are available with the purchase of TRACE-CHECK.

Main features:

  • Automated analysis of data of different origin and size
  • Simple specification of critical real-time properties using temporal logic and Python
  • High reusability of the specification through modular structure of trace analyses
  • Clear structured reporting including time stamps of errors found

Due to the use of generic analysis templates and the multi-level structurability of analyses, a high reusability of specifications is guaranteed. Unlike conventional tests, stimulation and analysis are uncoupled and no reimplementation of functions to be tested is necessary.

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