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Flyer EXAM Service PacksTo use EXAM in a professional way, you have the choice of three service packs.

Flyer EXAM Service Packs

EXAM provides...

exam_imageMulti-user capability

EXAM supports test modelling in the team. Users are able to create and edit test cases simultaneously in one and the same EXAM model. The central data storage in EXAM provides you with a global data administration. All relevant test information are stored in the EXAM model and so the transactions are saved.


EXAM offers a variety of options to add hardware and software. This is achieved through open interfaces to the EXAM applications: e.g. in the form of plug-ins, free access and expandability of the EXAM libraries. The flexibility of EXAM becomes obvious in the application case, because the test description and its technical implemen­tation can be modelled separately from each other (Interface Implementation Concept).

Platform independence

The independence of the test cases from the targeted hardware and software is accomplished by the advanced interface concept of EXAM mentioned earlier. This approach enables you to abstract any functions and deposit various implementations. It is not until the test case is executed that you need to determine which kind of implementation shall actually be used. Special attention was paid to the test bench connection (HiL-System), one of EXAM‘s fields of application. In this way, implementations for platforms of leading HiL-manufacturers are already in place.

The separation of test process and test parameters

By separating the test data from the test process, a sequence of the test is kept neutral for a complete test set. So the parameters are assigned separately to the test sequence in each test case. This plays a decisive role when reusing and exchanging test cases.

Automatic code generation

If the model in EXAM is changed, the centralised code generator automatically regenerates the process code. If in doing so, any of the constraints of the EXAM modelling regulation is violated, the EXAM modeller will indicate so.

EXAM is made available to you free of charge in its full range of features. This is unique for a solution of this kind. The tooling is provided under freeware license while the core libraries are available as open source software.

New features of EXAM 4.4